Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rebirth, reborn, renewed?

It's really been four years since I've done anything with this? I'm not sure how I could've let this get away from me. But it's time to get back in the writing habit and see if I can't enjoy myself doing this again.

Upcoming topics I'm considering:

Missed Opportunities: Characters with potential that writers simply forgot about.
Personal Connections: Just how do personal experiences connect one to a character in a story?
Steampunk, The Rising Fad: I enjoy it, it's gathering steam (no pun intended), so what's so appealing?
Math and Science With Superheroes: We know how their powers work, but do they really work?
What Were They Thinking?: More looks at older comics to see how the times have changed.
Spotlight: A closer look at writers and artists I've always enjoyed.

I'll also probably take a few tangent roads down and look at some comedians, movies, and books I enjoy, and maybe just a few personal essays.

We'll see how this works!

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