Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh snap!

It's funny. Through most of my life, I've been a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the projects I care about. There's actually a story my mother used to tell about how I would write reports for school when I was in elementary school.

Now keep in mind these were the days before computers and word processors, so I had to actually type them. On a typewriter. And I hated the "backspace/whiteout" key. So if I ever made a single mistake, I'd pull the page out, crinkle it up, and start all over again with the page I was working on.

Now, I actually enjoy writing. I enjoy doing a blog. I had some hopes that this might've gone to something bigger, and I have some big ideas to do with it, but until that day comes I may as well keep posting stuff.

And so, today, I'm posting. Not a big project, not some fancy essay I prepared, I'm just going to pick something at random, post a picture, perhaps, and write.

Let's see what I have in my "My Pictures" folder. Maybe I'll find a few ideas I can expand upon in future writings.

Ah, Jessica Cannon, the spunky, sassy sidekick from the game SiN: Episode 1. Granted, the series is actually called SiN: Episodes, but since the first one was the only one to ever come out. This character was voiced by the wonderful Jen Tayor, who has voiced a lot of other great characters.

However, I think the fact that there's a sound clip for when you crouch down behind this character that says "Stop checking out my ass, Blade (your character)" that makes it all the more hilarious when you realize she's also the voice for Princess Peach for Nintendo.

Up next?

...well, the show wasn't as bad as Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills.

...which I'll probably want to do a retrospective about at some point. God.


...all I know is that apparently giant monkeys and sea monsters attack a boat. And the monkeys are all dressed like sailors.

I must find a copy of this comic.

Right after I locate a copy of:

Because, that's why.

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