Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

It's a holiday, so I'm kinda taking the day off today.

Well, unless you count all of the yard work I did.  Or the cooking.  Or the baking.  Or the stuff I still have to cook and bake.  Plus, there's the clean-up after the cooking and the baking and-

Okay, well, I'm taking a day off from posting on the blog, unless you count this post I'm currently typ-, yeah, here's the tiny blog post.

Happy 4th, everyone!

I don't often drink, but when I do, I like to have fun while drinking.  I don't do "beer," I don't do "wine," but if it involves mixing together a group of ingredients to get something unique, I'm all over it.

Just last night, I mastered what my book of cocktails refers to as a "blue lagoon" but other sites seem to refer to as "Paradise."

Now, I can't really find any recipes for drinks that are red, white, and blue, so I'll make do with red, yellow, and blue as a compromise tonight.

Here's the breakdown:

Take 1/2 ounce of grenadine, pour into a glass 3/4 full of ice.
 Add pineapple juice, the grenadine might get slightly disturbed but should settle at the bottom again.
Pour in one ounce of blue curacao, which should settle on top of the pineapple juice.

Fruit is optional.

Enjoy the holiday!

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