Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas In Comics: Part 3

Fact:  Batman has never been asked by Santa to take his place and deliver toys.

Dr. Doom has.

...if I ever do cosplay, I hereby announce right now I'm doing Santa Doom.

Merry Christmas, folks.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take the time to share the story of why Santa has a grudge against Batman.  It's an amazing story.

Oh, and for my final Erik Overthinks Christmas Carols, we're going to end on one that I never liked:  We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

I love the first verse where they simply express a desire for your holidays to go smoothly.  However, the song quickly turns dark as the singers demand "figgy pudding" (which contains no figs) and declare they "won't go until they get some."

That feels like exactly the opposite of what the season should be about.  Who wrote that?  What happens if I don't give them figgy pudding?  Is it like Halloween where I can expect eggs to shatter against my door and my trees to be covered in white from toilet paper instead of snow?

...happy holidays, everyone.

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