Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Battle Of The Gregs Part One: Greg Land

Greg Land is a rather infamous figure in comic books these days.  An artist for various companies for over a decade, he's become either a figure whose art people love or people hate.  Often if you bring him up at a convention or just in a message board, someone will soon decry his popularity, pointing out that he "uses photo sources" to work his art in the most liberal use of the phrase.

In other words, he traces.

And not only does he trace, but he recycles his source material.

You might be able to understand why it's divisive.

So we're going to take a closer look at some of his artwork today, and hopefully you'll be able to form your own opinion about him.

Now, I actually like this image.  I don't know why, but considering I'm pretty sure the three women are traced from the pages of Maxim, Strawberry Shortcake's arm is pointed weird, and She-Ra is doing the most gratuitous panty-shot that didn't come from Japan...

I dunno, there's just something about it I like.

There's nothing about this one I like.

I have no idea where the art came from.  I'm 99% sure the original art was porn, though.

There is no action that you can do in public that involves being in that pose.

Maybe Greg Land is a really huge Oakland Raiders fan.  Or someone told him "draw some Oakland Raiders" and he just Googled images.

Well, at least he's using the right actor.

I'm not going to give those any context.  I'll let you guys decide what he traced those from.

Now, he CAN draw some really great art for comics.  Here's a few examples.

Let's just ignore that stupid "PUNCHtinued" line.

You can never go wrong with Shuma-Gorath.


Though I dread to think that came from anything "adult."

Anyway, tomorrow we'll present the other of the notorious Gregs in comics, and on Thursday we'll break down just which of them is the best at being worst.  Or the worst at being best.  Or something.

Maybe I'll get a Burger King crown and paint it some color for the winner.  They'll be free to come get it at their leisure.


Néna Riley said...

It's that rainbow bright I see ?? I always liked rainbow bright.

As for Gary Land, I can see why it would be a controversial subject. While I think most artists at one point or another use references for their art, this guy.... I mean...geez, he doesn't even try to hide it! It's blatant! However you can tell he's a good artist. I could trace things all I want but chances are I'm still not going to create something as neat. I think what this says most about him is that his super power is being incredibly lazy.

Néna Riley said...
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Néna Riley said...

Ugh *Greg