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Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers - Episode 13: Gravity Control! Graviton!

It must stink to be a construction company in a comic book universe.  On the one hand, you always have work available to you since heroes and villains are always destroying giant structures around cities.

On the other hand, they destroy them before you even have a chance to finish them sometimes, which must be extremely frustrating because then you need to deal with insurance, overtime, contract renegotiations, suppliers...

It can't be fun.

So on that note, let's jump right into this week's episode of Marvel Disk Wars!  It opens with a huge fight at a building currently under construction!

A place truly doomed the moment the contracts were signed.
There's no recap this time, the episode simply jumps into the action as Wasp and Captain America battle M.O.D.O.K., and Thor battles the Crimson Dynamo.  The reason they're all engaged in such a massive kerfuffle (which, strangely, is a word that the blogging software has no problem recognizing when other common words give it conniptions) is that a new DISK has appeared in possibly the worst possible place in this structure.

It doesn't help that the bad guys are also more willing to let the DISK fall off and break than let the good guys get it.

If you're wondering where Hulk and Iron Man are, they're being kept in reserve while Akira and Ed move into position, figuring that they'll be brought out if needed when the time limits on the other heroes runs out.  This falters, though, when Ed mistakes a random moment for "the sign" and he brings the Hulk into the fight.  The Hulk, naturally, jumps onto the crane in order to get into position for the fight, but this has the unintended side effect of making the DISK fall off the hook.

Fortunately, Akira is able to use his rocket skates (across beams, no less) to zip forward and grab it, but he then almost immediately starts to fall off of the beam he's on before Cap grabs him and pulls him to safety.  This is when MODOK opens up on Cap and the kid with his weapons, but fortunately Akira is able to summon the tech-based hero within the DISK.

I've been waiting for an opportunity to use this.

So, a tech-based hero, one that Iron Man easily recognizes, and a "big gun" to bring out against M.O.D.O.K.'s impressive array of weaponry.

I'm guessing it's Big Wheel.

Or it's War Machine, like I said.

I find it extremely humorous that, since characters in anime need to "declare" their attacks before they use them, War Machine is standing in place yelling things like "shoulder machine gun! Micro launcher!  War cannon!"

The bad guys are now horribly outclassed, and the bad guy pulls out a handy teleporter to get him and his chosen villains away.  Back at home base, War Machine (aka Rhodey) gets a formal introduction to everybody, but since Akira can only have one tech-based hero "out" as a hologram at a time, it leaves Tony hidden away.  Akira winds up being the intermediary between a playful argument between the two (constantly needing to swap DISKs), until Rhodey attempts to put Tony in his place by mentioning having not told anybody about his "secret night in Miami."

Sadly, someone else overhears this.  Someone who absolutely terrifies a man wearing a suit of armor with more weaponry on it than an entire group of pick-up trucks in the southern U.S.

Rhodey begs Akira to "put him away" and not bring him back out again for, say, a whole day, to let Pepper calm down.  When Tony's brought back out, he sadly lacks a spider-sense to tell him the trouble he's in,

He figures it out pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, at Loki's hideout, the bad guy who fled explains that his teleporter recreates magic through science, but Loki is less than impressed with it.  However, another DISK appears, and Loki sends him and another one of his henchmen out to get it this time.

Back at the headquarters, Chris chastises Ed a bit for still not being "on par" with the rest of the squad.  Cap attempts to chastise Chris, but Chris points out that he didn't ask for Cap to "teach him" anything.  Cap responds by pointing out that Chris is right, he "isn't Bucky."  This puzzles Chris a bit but he doesn't say anything.

Meanwhile, Akira and Jessica are grumbling about needing to keep up on their schoolwork.  Jessica attempts to blow off math, but Tony puts her in her place with the following conversation:

"Who's going to calculate the revenue of your business?"

"I'll hire a team of accountants!"

"Who's going to calculate their pay?"


In his room, Ed pouts a bit about being the "weakest link" on the team, but Hulk asks him if he's really "just that" and how even then he "can't hesitate."  ...I'm sure it's supposed to mean something, but I can't for the life of me figure out how "sure, you may suck, but don't let it hold you back" really accomplishes anything.

The good guys also detect the new DISK, but Ed and Hulk are nowhere to be found.  Cap sends everybody else out anyways,

They fly over where Ed and Hulk are sitting in a park.  Ed continues to mope, but right when Hulk seems ready to snap and yell at him, a familiar face suddenly shows up.

At a "space museum" the bad guys send out MODOK to keep everybody busy, but one of them is hiding so the good guys don't know he's there.  Clearly, it's a plan to make the good guys use up their time limit before releasing more bad guys.  The bad guy they have in check, though, is a doozy.

One of my all time favorite villains in Marvel Comics is Graviton, a B-List villain who has tried to take over cities (and the world) a few times.  He has probably the greatest power there is, a total control over the fundamental force of gravity.

Think about that.  Total control.  Over gravity.

"Big whoop," you're thinking, "he can tug people down."  It's more than that.  Gravity is the bond between two objects, so you can't sneak up on a guy who can tell there's even the slightest variation in a gravimetric field somewhere around him.  He can change the direction of gravity, so instead of being pulled towards the ground, you're being pulled sideways, towards the edge of a roof.  He can increase or decrease it, so your jump might take you three inches, or several blocks away from the fight.

The dude's possibly one of the most powerful beings in the universe if he could ever up his game.

He pretty quickly makes short work of Cap, Thor, Iron Man, and Wasp, redirecting their attacks at each other, flinging them into walls and the floor, and generally just paralyzing them in place.  That's without them even knowing he's there, since he's staying hidden the whole time.

So what's Ed up to?  He's getting chewed out by Hawkeye.  It's pretty brutal, with Hawkeye advising Ed to simply "give up" and "go home."  He needs to throw away all of his hero stuff, take down his hero-worship fan page, and simply give up.  If Hawkeye threw a rock in any direction, "anybody I hit would be better than you."

That's when the Hulk steps in.

Not the best opening argument.

Hulk points out how hard Ed prepares the night before for each mission, but he worries about Hulk getting enough rest.  He takes the power seriously, he faces his weaknesses, and Hawkeye wouldn't possibly know what it's like to be Ed.

"You're right.  I wouldn't know.  I'm not his partner."

With that statement, Hawkeye wins the entire episode by making Hulk finally talk positively about his partner instead of putting him down.  This talks Ed into hopping on Hawkeye's bike with him and heading towards the fight.

Inside, Graviton is being fifty shades of awesome and looking like a badass.

Graviton, I want to point out, is having NO problems dealing with Thor, Wasp, Cap, Iron Man, and even casually throws his allies into his whirlwind of power.  He's tossing around space shuttles and landers with no effort.  The man is, quite simply, in a power class of his own.

Hawkeye wants to simply shoot Graviton with an arrow and be done with it, but Ed points out that it wouldn't work with gravity being flung around every which way.  He waits for just the right moment, and it finally comes when Graviton decides to fling everybody against the far wall, leaving gravity going in a straight line from Ed to Graviton to the wall.

So, what's the plan?

Throw the Hulk at him and let gravity do all the work.

The bad guys call Graviton and M.O.D.O.K. back and teleport out, letting the good guys get the DISK (though they never show who it is, but based on the glimpse you get of it in the trunk, I think it's the Fixer).

The good guys celebrate, Hulk congratulates Ed, and Chris starts asking Cap about this "Bucky" guy.

Next up, an episode about brothers.

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