Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bite-Sized Reviews: Haribo

It is a scientific fact that the best candies are gummy candies.  Hard candies might have longer flavor, and dark chocolate has its health benefits, but for the best infusion of sugar, you really can't beat a gummy candy.  The best gummy candy, of course, comes from Haribo, and they have a variety that the United States almost never sees.

Once again, when I was in Europe, I experienced Haribo flavors and candies that make me weep for this nation.  We might be leading the world in "landing on Mars" technology and in "ways to make fast food less healthy," but we are falling behind in key fields that I think truly reflect why we're starting to fall behind in the world.  Japan's extensive collection of Kit-Kat bars is evidence enough, but our dearth of clever gummy creations keeps nations in Europe up with us.

I'd like to ask, no, implore everyone who reads this blog to do their part to try to bring more Haribo products to our mainstream stores.  After all, why settle for just a bear, worm, or fish when you could consume frogs, dinosaurs, pirates, stars...essentially any other shape your imagine could create?  If this is truly the best time in life to be alive, then there really is no excuse as to why our gummy options are so limited without paying extravagant prices through import retailers.

So go out and have yourself a gummy candy and remember the days when candy was fun

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