Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Eleven Brilliant(ly awful) Rip-Off Products

On Memorial Day, it's a time to focus on the soldiers who were willing to stand up and fight not just for our own country, but to protect the lives of people in other countries.  Soldiers who stood against forces that might not have been 100% evil, but were lead by people who simply wanted to harm, control, or destroy other people.

So, to celebrate, we're looking international to see the top eleven products from other countries that are either rip-offs, broken, or just wrong on so many levels that they come back to hilarious from the other direction.

Major thanks to the website for either supplying the images or inspiring me to find them elsewhere.

#11)  Break So Bad

Suddenly this puts the show's alternate ending into a lot more context.

#10)  Homer Pikachu & Spongebob Pikachu

I listed both of these because I simply couldn't choose which one was more disturbing.  I'm leaning towards the Homerchu, though, if only because I'm trying to figure out how its digestive system works.

#9)  Spider-Man Packing Heat

Okay, first off, is he wearing blue jeans?  Second, does that bit of red text really suggest "enjoying the pleasure together?" I forgetting when Spider-Man low-crawled through bushes with a machine gun?  Was this part of that stupid "Secret War" story?

#8) Game of Thrones Season 2 - Starring Thor

Well, if anything was going to get me to start watching the series, this would probably be it.

"Ymir is coming."

#7) Spider-Man is secretly the Terminator

Now THIS story I remember!

#6) The only two backpacks I ever want to own.

I'm really not sure what's the most impressive item here.  The HOUsE MD Quake III Arena Pikachu Trent Flint From Prodigy Apple Logo backpack or the Harry Potter Obama The Hedgehog Ten With A Urine Stain And Two Flowers backpack.  On the one hand, that's a pretty neat "10" medal "not Sonic" is wearing there, but on the other hand, I'd pay cash money to see Prodigy fight a Pikachu to the death for Apple products in a Quake III arena battle.

#5) The Best Fireworks Ever

With all the success of Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and Cloverfield, maybe we'll finally get that movie based on a giant Chewbacca terrorizing Seattle.

#4)  Power Hulk(?) Figure

I'm sorry, but if I saw a comic book about the Superior Powered Thunderbolt Overlord Top King (or a movie under the same name) I would buy a copy for everybody I knew.

#3) He-Man Alcohol

There's tipsy.  Then there's drunk.  Then there's wasted.  Then there's He-Man wasted, which lets you think naming a character "Fisto" is a good idea.

If anybody ever gets me a bottle of any of that, I will record myself drinking it and post the video online.

#2)  Die Hard.  A movie about footwear.

Based on the text, you'd think that the first movie was a more action packed version of The Devil Wears Prada.

...I never saw that movie, for the record, but I'm guessing Prada is shoes.

#1)  Titanic-Bot (TRANSFORMABLE)

Oh, if James Cameron only knew.

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NĂ©na Riley said...

Okay seriously, I keep coming back to read this article because it has me laughing SO hard! I keep showing it to people. Thanks for the finds! No doubt they will continue to have me laughing for awhile now!