Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ask Erik: Episode Sixty-Six

To Erik:  So, what's been going on with the blog lately?

This wasn't really asked to me by someone else, but it's something I had to ask myself over the past few weeks.

I'll admit, starting a new job got the better of me for a while, and I found myself stuck between trying to make sure my schedule stayed consistent, attempting to get things done around the home, and still doing this blog.  This caused a few projects I'm working on to stall, leading me to not have posts ready when I originally intended them.

This is why you were getting two posts on one day for a while.  However, even that became rather overwhelming after a while, and I found myself needing to skip days just to get other (sadly) more important jobs done.

However, I'm swearing to redouble my efforts to keep this going strong from now on.  I don't get a paycheck from it, and I'm not even really sure how many people look at it any given time (though based on the views per day, I'm steadily going up every week), but this has never been about that.

The purpose of this blog is to keep me writing and keep me mentally engaged.  When work threatens to become my entire life, when I start to feel overwhelmed by everything going on, or when I just need something to focus on so I can reorganize myself and get caught up, this blog is that outlet for me.  I get to practice my writing skills while finally having an excuse to see those television programs/movies/books/etc I've been meaning to for so long.

Now, granted, I could allow ad banners here in an attempt to make a bit of money off of this, but I'm putting that off until I know for sure this thing has actually become something bigger, which, I'll admit, it might never be.  But in the meantime, it serves its purpose.

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Néna Riley said...

I'll be honest, blogs are super difficult for me. Me and my blog have a love/hate relationship, and I tend to give up pretty quickly. haha. However, props to you for keeping it going! Writing what we think and/or are feeling is definitely therapeutic and I think can even give us different perspectives on certain things. I can't keep up a blog but I definitely have a journal that I like to write in and it helps me in many ways mentally. Anyways, props to you!