Monday, January 19, 2015

Fails Of The Weak

When you sit down and look at a video game as a project and not just as some flashy pictures on a screen with some "beeps" and "boops" of varying qualities, you realize there's a LOT of work that goes into even the most mundane ones.  Somebody invested a non-insignificant chunk of their life programming that game, whether it's something as innovative as Doom, something as advanced as Skyrim, or something as terrible as Ninja Blade.

However, even with multiple people cranking out game code all day trying to predict just how a bullet would pass between trees, how a face should move, or how a jeep should drive up a hill, you can't anticipate everything.  You might have a group of people who test the game, but if they find an issue, it might take months to figure out exactly what part of the code isn't working correctly.  That's why occasionally you find something like this:

Or maybe you'll get things like a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee where you can beat the highest difficulty without moving.

Anyway, it can be a lot of fun exploiting glitches in games.  It can also be just as much fun laughing at people who do really stupid things, have really bad luck, or just manage to have amazing moments happen around them while they're playing games.

Thus, we have Fails Of the Weak, brought to you by Achievement Hunter, brought to you by the same company that does Red Vs. Blue.

Now, to anybody who goes there expecting it to be a happy fun time for kids, keep in mind these are the same people who do Red Vs. Blue.  You can expect a lot of laughter at people who get a grenade stuck to their crotch, people getting clipped by cars they didn't see coming, and a few crass jokes at the expense of one's upbringing.

And that's per video.

(I'm almost kidding.  Sorta).

However, I will say that while watching a marathon of them recently (okay, I actually picked up the DVD of theirs some time ago and just got around to playing it), I was laughing so hard my jaw hurt.  It was stupid, juvenile, and ridiculous, but watching a flying vehicle clip the side of a cave and suddenly spin off into the sunset breaking the speed of sound, watching a guy hijack a jeep from the enemy just to have another friendly character blow it up with a rocket launcher, or watching a guy throw a grenade and later be killed by the same grenade is a lot of fun.

Seriously, click the link, have some fun.  Then grab a controller and see if you can't have your own completely random moments.

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