Thursday, January 8, 2015

Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers - Prelude

Japan is weird.

I know, I've said this (or something like it) before.  At least once.

I've watched a lot of anime, so I knew going in that this was probably going to be rather different from your standard American cartoon.  After all, can anybody think of an American cartoon that features five children carrying around powerful talismans that allow them to summon forth a powerful being an-

Well played.

However, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that if, instead of five "elements," the rings had the power to summon the Avengers, the show would have been a lot more interesting.  I mean, when else have you had a magic talisman able to summon a superh-


Okay.  Fine.

So the idea of kids getting items or totems of great power and being able to use them to either empower themselves or summon greater powers isn't exactly a "new" concept.  Prince Adam was able to transform into He-Man. Gizmoduck, Freakazoid, She-Ra.

It's an old idea.

But what happens when you mix Pokemon and The Avengers?  You get an idea that I can't honestly see being huge over here in America.

You get Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Because of reasons we'll be getting in to, the Avengers (and many other heroes) wind up trapped in what are essentially Stark Industries-invented Pokeballs.  There are five kids who become bonded to these disks, and are thus able to summon the Avengers to help fight against evil while trying to find other "DISKs" containing other heroes and villains while dealing with people like Loki and other villains.

So instead of "I choose you, Pikachu!" you get Thor popping out and smacking you in the face with a hammer.

Strangely enough, this is not the first "God" you could catch in such a device.

So, because I appreciate things that make me go "wow," I'm going to be going through and reviewing episodes of this madness, just like I used to do with other programs back in the day!  We're going to get to see Iron Man!  Thor!  Spider-Man!  The X-Men!  Dr. Strange!  Iron Fist!  The Guardians Of The Galaxy! Deadpool!  Strangely enough, no Fantastic Four (which means they won't be able to capture Galactus in a Pokeball DISK, I guess).

I wouldn't even be surprised to have Howard the Duck show up at some point.

This will experience.

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