Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Better Song Than "Rude."

I'm taking the day off rather tired of hearing the song by "Magic!" on the radio called Rude.

To be fair, it has some great guitar work in it and is a distinctively unique sound in a market of pop music that sounds remarkably similar.

However, I hate the song itself and the lyrics.

So I'm just going to put this out here to remind people there's two sides of every story.

Sometime's there's three.  In fact, there's a surprising number of ones made portraying the "daughter's point of view," including one where the daughter seems completely offended by the entire conversation.

Geez, girl, calm down.  You do realize that the whole point of the conversation is whether he (the boyfriend we know nothing about but seems rather like a whiner) will have the blessing of the father (who in the above video seems pretty reasonable in wanting the best for his little girl) to ask you for the final word on whether you'll marry him.

Here's the thing, though.  In the original song, it doesn't even really feel rude.  The guy asked the father a question.  The father, in no uncertain terms, says no.  But he doesn't wish ill upon the young man in question.  He says "good luck my friend, but" each time.  He's to the point.  He doesn't say "go to hell," "I'd sooner eat living scorpions," or "Maude, get my my shotgun!"  So to retaliate with "I'm gonna marry her anyway!" to his face seems even more rude.  You do know that the father's human, too, right?

Man, the song just bugs me.

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