Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top Eleven: Favorite Zero Punctuation Reviews

One of my favorite video game "reviewers" has turned seven this week.  While Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw might not be the most "fair" reviewer, his videos are always exceedingly entertaining and when he takes the time to actually point out things that are good, I sit up and pay attention.  It's how I got into Just Cause 2, the Saints Row series, and a few other games I've loved.

So, to celebrate, I'm listing my eleven favorite "reviews" he's done in no particular order.  Caution, the language can be rather coarse.

11)  Saints Row 2

10)  DayZ

9)  Just Cause 2

8)  Far Cry 3

7)  The Walking Dead

6)  Alone in the Dark

5)  Dark Void

4)  Resistance 3

3)  Call of Duty: Ghosts

2)  The Orange Box

1)  Psychonauts

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